Much Has Happened Since I First Created This Website

So I started this website and then many things happened and the site was abandoned somewhat. I’ve had many great trips in my vans. In my Suzuki, i visited the New Forest, Norfolk and South Wales with my lovely Norfolk Terrier, Izzy, which I’ll write separate blog posts on. Then sadly, in December 2019, i crashed my van, when it skidded on black ice, which ill also write a blog post on. After so many hours of converting, loving its quirky Japaneseness and spending so many hours in it, devastated it putting it lightly but i’m really lucky to have escaped uninjured as I hit a tree, spun the van which then landed on it side. I learnt a lesson about driving in cold conditions, the ease of flipping a Suzuki carry and how dangerous the roads can be in general so i guess i’m much more cautious now. I then went through the process of finding a new van and came by a Ford Transit van which is my new buddy. I bought the Suzuki because it was small and felt manageable, so the Transit was a bit daunting but I love it now, more space, drives like a tank, big window, comfy…its an upgrade i think, though i do miss the quirkiness of the Suzuki, but don’t miss its thin tyres and skidding over man covers. Since then, there’s been many trips which i’ll write posts on. I forgot how much i enjoy writing after a long hiatus and i’m excited about writing about all my adventures and my white Transit, which i’m currently running around as a delivery vehicles discovering lots of places around Surrey and London, which i should also write about in a separate post. I love vanlife and I can never imagine it not in my life. I love the freedom, driving a van, having my own little space wherever I go and being part of a great community which i love watching.

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