Creating the Van Bed

Originally i planned to have a bunk bed in the van which would mean that i could still do things underneath the bed but this turned out to be impractical and would have meant very crammed sleeping quarters.

I bought a tall bunk bed because of this plan but actually this turned out well as it meant i could cut the legs down into 8 pieces that formed the legs of the bed.

I cut the bed right down the middle of the slats and screwed a long piece of wood to the slats to form two bed pieces that could be slid back and forward to form a sofa bed.

This is a good design but i think it is not that strong and in the future i may have to redesign with stronger legs because in order for one section of the bed to slide under the other i had to cut the bed legs as per the picture I will post.

The mattress

I bought a memory foam mattress and cut it to fit the bed and cut and sewed a duvet cover to fit the mattress pieces, one for the back and one for the base and voila, bed is created.

I love this bed as its comfy and just the right size but possibly not good for sharing. Also i like that it can be used as a sofa but pulling it in and out, is kind of annoying but i like the fact i can sit and work on the sofa and don’t have to crawl around on a bed all the time.

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